Deathmag in June…

Just got back from a great week in Sofia. It’s always a trip visiting the city! An onslaught of noise and dirt and chaos, but equally an astounding wash of people, ideas, creativity, inspiration and good food!!

Spent the week based at the newly named ‘DEATHMAG’ tattoo. (Previously known as Anonymous tattoo.)

Got to catch up with the lovely Dimo, Ricky and Momchil.

Caught up with some old friends and made some new ones! Especially lovely to catch up with the lovely Cveti. Had a drawing session with her in preparation for me getting tattooed by her in August. 🙂 She is very talented and very lovely… check out her work here if you haven’t already…

Tattoo wise it was a relaxed affair. Crowned the lovely Reneta, filled some annoying gaps, made a decorative wrist piece for the lovely Kat who was over visiting from Canada, and added this large mandala piece for Ilian. (Pictured above.)

Have confirmed my last dates for Bulgaria before I make my permanent shift north- west. I will be back with the lovely folks at DEATHMAG from July 29th till August 3rd.

The big spaces are all taken, but I still have space for a few small bits of any wants to squeeze something in. 🙂

Thanks to the DEATHMAG guys for making me feel so welcome as always. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.