My first blog entry and a spring clean:


First blog entry. I recently arrived back in Bulgaria. I have been spring cleaning the river house, and found a rather large number of unfinished drawings and paintings that I decided it was time to either finish or discard. Top of the list came this painting… ‘Aries’. 
I decided around one or maybe two years ago I wanted to make 12 large pictures each based on the rich symbology associated with the signs of the zodiac. I started this on the first sign, ‘Aries’ and it’s been sat in my closet ever since.
Its quite large, around 33×46 inches, marker, water colour and acrylic on card. 
It feels really good to finally have this piece finished. 
In other news, I have confirmed dates for working in Sofia, April 17-20th. Otherwise I will be continuing the spring clean and working on some new designs.